In 2010 we set up a rental design studio in Bangkok provide the space for individual designers to work and make their own product within our workshop to pursue a slower, simpler and more intentional lifestyle for ourselves and small groups of designers and makers. We dreamed of setting up a creative community in an outskirt of the city. Trying to find the best decoration for our studio is not easy. Along the way we ended up by producing all of the decoration by ourselves.
After a while, We launched a galvanize product brand under the name 'TinHomeToy' and then set up our small factory in Ho Chi Minh about 3 years later to serve high demand for our product. Now, TinHomeToy is one of the leading home decoration brand in Thailand and our neighbor countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. Even the success of TinHomeToy makes us and the team very happy, we still long for a new journey, a journey to take us further. We planed to reach more customer and we chose to make it online.
'HomeQuarter' is the name of our new online home decoration store. We aim to search and produce the best quality product for our customers with hassle-free service. Being a headquarter for you to find any interesting things for your home and to bring your home to life.
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