1. Choose the products you like > Add the product you wish to buy in the basket > Check your order carefully > Proceed to the next step
  2. Login or Register a new member account to get special offer during the sale season. Or else, Checkout as a guest.
  3. Choose your postal services.
       > Free shipping when purchase over 500 baht
       > Express post will need an extra charge depends on size and weight of your purchasing products.
  4. Proceed to the payment section by choosing to transfer the amount.
      >  Saving Account Bank of Ayudhaya 424-1-66823-3 (Patama Boonpuang )
       >  Rabbit LinePay "TinHomeToy' Please scan QR Code to process the payment.
  5. Inform your payment by clicking here or via Line Chat application @homequarterbkk (with @ sign in front of shop name)
  6. Wait for your goods to deliver at your doorsteps.
       > Normal Postage, 3-7 days within Bangkok and 5-10 Days for all other provinces. (Excluding Saturday, Sunday      and Bank Holiday) Status checking is available by phoning the post office only.
       > Express EMS, 1-2 days within Bangkok and 2-5 Days for all other provinces. Status checking via post office website is available
  7. Order complete.Please note that in case there is no payment made to the company within 7 business days (excluded of Saturday,Sunday and public holiday) The order will be canceled automaticly by the system.


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