Menu Stand


*Available in 3 sizes. A clip is included for each item.

Name | Size

Menu Stand A5 Menu Stand A6 Menu Stand A8



  • Menu stand with wooden base.
  • Available in 3 sizes, for A8, A6, A5 paper.
  • A clip is included for each item.
  • For Food and Special menu.
  • For catering placecard.
  • For Photos, Business Cards and Calendars.
  • Can be a notice board on working desk.
  • Competible with magnet.



A8: W3 x L10 x H7.5 cm

For A8 paper and Standard business card 8.5x5 cm


A6: W3.7 x L11 x H18 cm

For A6 paper and full-frame photo size 4x6 inch.


A5: W4 x L23 x H18 cm

For A5 paper.


Materials: Galvanized steel, Pine Wood, Silver Clip
Colours: Matte Natural Galvanize

*Product excluding other items in the photos.
*Suitable for using indoor and outdoor.
*All vessels are sealed with silicone sealants to prevent water leak.
*All Colour product using Powder Coating process to prevent scratches and chipped.






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