Ready Set M

*Sold in set



Ready Set -M | 5 Picecs

  1. French Vase S | Dimension: L10 xW10 x H19 cm. | Material: Galvanized Steel
  2. Dried Ear Of Barley | Dimension: About 90 cm. | Material: Dried Barley
  3. Ceramic Cactus S-B | Dimension: L8 x W6 x H15 cm. | Material: Ceramic
  4. Tiny Bottle Brown Glass 15 ml. With Dried Caspia.  | Dimension: L2.3 x W2.3 x H7 cm. | Material: Glass
  5. Dried Seed Cerbera | Dimension: L8 x W8 x H10 cm. | Material: Dried Cerbera 

*Product excluding other items in the photos.


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